Why we can't have nice things

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day seventeen.
Why we can't have nice things
A few days ago I went to put on my wedding ring, and I couldn’t find it. At the time I assumed it would turn up in one of the usual places — by the kitchen or bathroom sink, or maybe in my car. Now I’m starting to panic a little.

Two things work against me when it comes to keeping track of small but valuable items like a ring:

1. I have a tendency sometimes to put things down and forget I put them down until later, at which point I’m lucky to remember where I put them.

2. In the case of my wedding ring, my finger has decreased a size or two since I was first measured for it a couple years ago. As wonderful as it is to lose a little weight, having your most valuable piece of jewelry (financially and sentimentally) fly off your finger at random moments can be annoying.

As I continue to search in hopes it will turn up right under my nose any moment now, I hold a keen appreciation for my wife. Unlike me, she is excellent at knowing where her things are. She is an organizational maven, and I’m quite grateful she hasn’t become too annoyed with me for my lapse.

That said, I’d really like to find my missing band sometime soon. Send a thought my way if you can.