Job crafting

On my way to work the other day, I caught a particularly interesting episode of Hidden BrainIt was about dream jobs. Specifically, it was about dispelling the myth of the “dream” job – the one thing you’re meant to do (or be) with your life.

People often mistake high-profile, prestigious or lucrative careers for the most rewarding, but they often aren’t. At the least, job satisfaction isn’t always predicted by the level of compensation, prestige or fame associated with a career.

This idea about job satisfaction isn’t a new one, but the next step in this episode spells out something that isn’t always included in the conversation: the idea of “job crafting” – which I loosely describe as the practice of making your own job more satisfying. Not the job you dream of someday, but the one you have right now.

Whether you’re a corporate attorney or part of the cleaning crew at a medical facility, it’s still an option.

You can find the Hidden Brain on iTunes, or you can listen to it here.